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What do Your Customers Want?

Say Hello to the Awkward Weather:  

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Now that we’ve waved goodbye to the Beast from the East, together with women’s knitwear, thick socks and boots lined with fur, Summer is on the horizon. However, while your customer might have their eyes set on that pastel floral dress which is perfect for those humid evening beach strolls, they still can’t leave the house without a stylishly warm jacket or perhaps even their polka dot, draw string cardigan.  Just before you panic order a batch of collared ponchos and duffle coats, allow us to introduce an alternative. 


“ Springtime trousers and designer jeans ” 


Summer Trousers. The bedrock of all strange-weather looks. When the wind is blowing and it’s only eleven degrees outside, Springtime trousers and designer jeans will likely be at the top of your customer’s fashion list. They don’t have to be cumbersome things, after all, they have pockets and suit so many different looks! First up on our catwalk of Springtime trousers are the drawstring linen trousers which offer your look a complete freedom. Why not wear a pair of comfortable pumps and a summer shirt to finish the casual-coffee look? Alternatively, they would be fantastically 
accompanied by summer sandals, your favourite sleeveless t-shirt and hooped earrings, ready for that special night out. Practical, adaptable and comfortable. 
In the past few years, a huge resurgence has been seen in harem trousers. Originally made popular by their funky, free spirit patterns, their lightweight quality and comfortable fit makes them the perfect solution to those mornings when you simply cannot get out of bed. Now offered in many different cuts, shapes and styles there are few things more comfortable or practical. It would perhaps be most suitable for a pair of these loud, energetic trousers to be combined with a favourite crop top and trainers, accentuating the Aztec or animal-print design. 

“ The market place has also called for jeans with something new ” 

Finally, while they might be a little heavy for the unpredictably warm days, jeans are simply a staple of any closet. Designed in the late 19th century for those doing heavy industrialised work, the hardwearing trouser has seen a huge evolution in in its history, but since being worn as a fashion piece, they simply haven’t disappeared from our shelves. While some customers might be more than happy with their straight-legged, wholesome jeans which are certainly adaptable to any chosen look, the marketplace has also called for jeans with something new or which do things a little differently. The style which arose in the late 90s and early 2000s suits this hot-cold season perfectly: the ripped jeans. This noticeable style fades in and out of high street fashion, however its breathable nature accommodates a huge range of tops, shoes, and accessories, whilst also having the bonus of ensuring the wearer is kept cool when the sun suddenly decides to put its hat on. Why not even venture out into double-denim territory? Alan Partridge may have had the monopoly until now, but the look is certainly a bold, powerful one. 
 Building on the heavy-wearing trousers while still offering an alternative style to the ladies’ jeans market, buyers of regular jeans have decided that they wanted to accessorise them, using embroidered badges to give a romantically edgier character. This pop-punk style of denim customisation was epitomised in the film The Breakfast Club and was typical of the 1980s. The wide variety of designer jeans for women shows the huge demand for a well-known style that aims to do something different. A testament to this unique styling is jeans with a sequin pattern, ideal for those nights where you want to stand out from the crowd, perhaps accompanied by silver high-heels and a smart shirt. Jeans are great for evenings when the summer sun has dipped behind the horizon and your legs need a little protection from the cool, fresh air. 

“ They’ve got their long summer skirts on and stunning butterfly shades to 
match ” 


Among your market however, there are some that simply don’t feel the cold like you and I, so when we’re in our knitwear and light jackets to avoid any light gusts of wind, they’ve got their long summer skirts on and stunning butterfly shades to match. Whether short or long, patterned, stripy or plain, like most things: there’s plenty of choice available. The thin, crossover hem skirt comes in a huge range of colours and is perfect for days spent around a picnic basket and the sun cream is certainly necessary. The skirt, much like the harem trousers go perfectly with a cropped top and sandals. The longer skirts in bodycon or tube fittings really are incredibly smart, lending themselves nicely for wear around the house or evenings spent out with friends. The shape can be incredibly flattering whilst also accommodating the extra material to keep even the hardiest weather-wearer warm in the evening’s cooler temperatures. 

“ Women’s knitwear is still completely an option ” 

If, however the sun simply won’t shine, and the clouds keep the day grey and miserable, remember that UV light can still break through the clouds, and that women’s knitwear is still completely an option. Yes, the snowmen might have melted away and we’re many months past the constant carolling, but the thick woollen jumper hanging in your wardrobe doesn’t have to be banished just yet. Designer women’s’ knitwear suits so many looks, whether a smart, professional outfit or simply a comfortable top and pair of trainers. Remember when planning your awkward-weather order that in 2013 it snowed in May, so even at its warmest, the UK’s weather can still throw up surprises which require knitwear deep into the summer months. If your customer wants the comfort of the knitwear, together with its warmth, without the need for trousers, the soft-knit jumper is a fantastic alternative, being both dressy and comfortable. 
So, while the media once again predicts a sweltering summer full of heatwaves and melting ice cream, venturing outside right now requires at least two layers of style and quite a bit of thought. There are plenty of solutions out there for your customers, whether it’s skirts, jeans or trousers, but it’s never too late to dig out that jumper and feel extra cosy when braving a chilly wind or un-sheltered beer garden.


Be fabulous but remain practical. 

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