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Bert Frank's

Luxury Lighting

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Bert Frank combines the hardy, industrialised aesthetic with modern functioning adaptability to create a striking product range of bespoke lighting.

In a society of fast food, instant messaging and disposability, Bert Frank seeks to oppose our throwaway culture with lighting products that stand the test of time, and win numerous awards. The brand’s extensive range, as well as their adaptability to constantly changing trends means that these products suit any use, whether professional or personal and 'age with you.'


Soon after their products hit the luxury lighting market, the brand began to feature in national design magazines such as Homes & Gardens, Living etc, and Bridge for Design. With this national exposure, Bert Frank won various accolades such as the Best Product Award at the design et al International Design Awards and the Elle Decoration British Design Award for Lighting in 2016.


Growing with an ever-changing marketplace, the luxury lighting company offer their audience the chance to commission custom orders. Whether a change of colour or altered dimensions, this bespoke service gives clients an opportunity to personalise the products to suit exact requirements.

Bert Frank humbly began in 2013, after a concept created between designer Robbie Llewellyn and metalwork factory owner Adam Yeats. The two men sought to combine the rough, rugged elements of an industrialised Britain, with a modern, practical application of effective lighting. The Masina pendant lamp, for example, consists of bright brass metalwork, surrounding an opal glass shade to create a striking, clean look which perfectly encapsulates the bold, practical design intended. The production of these stunning products, from design to finish, remains entirely in the UK, something that Bert Frank are incredibly proud of and recognise  as something that their boutique clients appreciate.

Bert Frank recognise their success and attribute it largely to the passionate, driven ethics of the company, as well as an attention to detail not considered by others. The brand acknowledges the finer finishing touches, and while the overall product looks incredible from a distance, it is upon a closer inspection that the quality, much like their LED lighting, really shines through.  

To view Bert Frank’s extensive collection, understand their story in more detail, and see product specifications, visit their website:

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