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Principal Lighting – How do they evolve with the times and stay number one?

Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

Principal Lighting has been a market-leading name since 2003, promoting Disano and Fosnova’s high-quality, space-suitable products that have been used in lighting projects all over the country. From castles to hospitals, retail to restaurants and everything in-between, the company continues to grow and evolve each year, but what makes them so special? How do they stand out among competitors, and what does the future hold for lighting solutions?

Noting their current success, Managing Director Bill Jubb says “what we do is offer people effective solutions to their projects and problems”. It’s clear that a lighting solutions firm such as Principal not only help selecting products for clients to use within creative projects, but also solve problems such as space restriction, lighting warmth, and product durability. To do this, they take on completely unique projects to test their abilities, each bringing new challenges and needs.

Within the county of Northumberland stands Bamburgh castle, a tall Norman fortification which while looking dominant on the outside, was dim and uninspiring on the inside. Visitors found the light unhelpful when reading about the castle’s extensive history. Principal Lighting were tasked with transforming its gloomy interior, whilst also being considerate from a conservation point of view. This was a lighting project unlike any other – to create a bright, welcoming space within a property which was built without electricity and indeed, much concern given to lighting solutions. Naturally the Armstrong family who own the castle were a little apprehensive about a lighting makeover, however the results were stunning, completely enhancing the beauty of the property.

It is however, not only eleventh century buildings that Principal Lighting look to transform. Hospitals, retail outlets and restaurants all require extensive experience and passionate expertise, two things that Bill and his team are more than happy to provide.

“Support services are available from our team of experienced Lighting Engineers who have an in-depth knowledge of Disano & Fosnova products”.

The Courtyard of Bamburgh Castle

Due to their lengthy service to the lighting industry, the company have also seen vast changes technologically.


In the past twenty years, lighting technology has seen a huge, steady revolution in the form of LED (light emitting diode). LED lights started life in 1962 as an infra-red transmitting tool on domestic appliance remote controls, such as for the television. As developers started using the LEDs to transmit visual light, the lighting revolution had been sparked, and it wasn’t long until lightbulbs were at the forefront of domestic and commercial lighting projects. In the beginning they were thought to be too dim, not giving enough light to large spaces, however once the high-efficiency LED technology was utilised, using LED lights for interior projects was not only possible, it soon became the market’s choice. Principal have also moved with the times, showcasing the very best of efficient LED lighting for any commercial use.

But where does Principal’s MD believe the future of lighting will be and can they adapt? Bill tells us “LED lights are unlikely to be replaced, they’re far more likely to be developed and become even more efficient and have a longer life expectancy”. It seems certain that Principal lighting will keep up with the trend and are not only aware of the changes in technology, but excited to see where this evolution will go. It’s clear to clients that much like LED lights, Principal lighting solutions won’t be going anywhere, instead, they’re looking to adapt and continue delivering their high-quality products and services.

While this passion-driven company have provided lighting solutions to some nationally significant projects in the past, Bill keeps his cards close to his chest. In terms of projects on the horizon, Principal MD says, “we have some exciting things coming up, but I don’t want to show my hand just yet.”

If you have a lighting project which you think most suitable for Principal, why not visit their website at:

To talk with one of their experienced team, give them a call on: 01302 762160

And to drop them an email, it’s:

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