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Writing for Saga

For 70 years, Saga has provided exceptional holiday experiences to the over 50s. Whether it be walking tours up, over and through the Pyranees, boutique cruises along the Rhine, a beach break in Cyprus, sightseeing in Jerusalem or anything in between, Saga has been there to guide the way, provide exceptional accommodation and keep guests informed.


That's where I came in.


Not 70 years ago.


Keeping guests inspired and informed since 2018.


 Since then, I have provided and proofread, written and edited, copy for physical publications such as booklets and brochures, digital avenues  including blog posts, email and social media campaigns and provided public relations writing for letters on behalf of the senior leadership team. 

Due to the website's strict file hosting rules, you will find a very small selection of examples below.

Click the front cover to open the document.

If you would like to see specific pieces of work, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

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